Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Easy Clear Stamp Storage: 4x6 sheets

Great storage idea for stamps that come in the 4x 6 sheets such as Pink by Design, Stampendous, and Hero Arts.... just to name a few. Enjoy.


  1. This is such a great idea! Thanks so much!! I was just wondering how I should store all my MPS one that I have :)

  2. I dont own MPS...but if they are the same size, it should work too. :)

  3. i have trouble storing mine: clear n mounted.
    i spent a few bucks on the cd cases and don't like it much. i rather have them in binders too.
    that is how i have my dollar ones in baseball card sleeves and some in bigger pockets too. the mounted ones are in boxes. what a mess! lol
    have been too lazy to transfer the cd ones in binders :(

  4. Nilda, love all your helpful hints, and creative projects. I am just starting to convert to unmounted stamps...thank you for another good idea! I just awarded you the Stylish Blog Award on my blog.

  5. So helpful TFS your tips :)
    I left something for you on my Blog :)

  6. I also keep my clear stamps in binders. It's so handy and you can see everything. For my clear dollar stamps I use a binder with baseball card pages. Each little pocket is just right for the small stamp sets and you get about 9 sets to a page.